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Illinois Interview Part One

March 1, 2009 · No Comments

Illinois is a band composed of five guys who have known each other since they were little. Their music has a slight southern influence which adds to their solid indie rock formula. They have a number of shows across the country coming up in the next couple of weeks, be sure to check them out if you get a chance.
Illinois - Photo by Colin Kerrigan

Illinois - Photo by Colin Kerrigan

Piled into their 20 year old tour van, Colin talked to the mates of Illinois. They had an especially fun time with part two of the interview. Sahara desert or Alaskan mountain? Hmm…

Colin: Are you all from Bucks County, PA?

Arch: Yeah, born and raised in Southampton.

Colin: Cool. How’d you guys get the name Illinois?

Arch: We were making fun of Dan’s mother, her name’s Phillis. We overheard her having sex one night so we called her ‘Phillinois’…No, it was just a joke about Dan’s mom.


Chris Sheppard: Is that going on the record?

Arch: I’m just joking.

Dan: You don’t even know my mom.

Martin: Dan was just giving you the eye like I’ll kill you.

Sheppard: I was like whoaa.

Colin: I was thinking, “Shit this is getting intense.’

Martin: It just got real in this van.

Dan: I’ll take the parking brake off and hop out. (Laughs) Later fuckers, wild card bitches.

Arch: Oh, so, I don’t know. We kind of just came up with it. It looked cool on paper.

Dan: It was apparently the only name not taken on MySpace besides the state.

Colin: Sweet. How’d you guys start playing music together?

Martin: We’ve been in different bands together over the years. We kind of all grew up together so it was like, we were just a community of musicians.

Arch: We grew up playing little league baseball and shit together too.

Colin: So you guys go way back?

All: Yeah

Arch: As soon as someone started playing, we all started playing.

Colin: Alright. So you guys released a couple chapters of The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe on YouTube. Where’d that idea come from? Did you guys any part in the creation?

Arch: Our old record label Ace Fu folded so we were kinda, after we put out our old EP “ What The Hell Do I Know?” Seven. So we had all these songs and we couldn’t find a label cause nobody was signing. So we were kind of just up shits creek. And then our marketing team started a record label for this campaign. We gave them like a 114 song demo and we were like, “ How do we release this?”

Colin: Damn, that’s ridiculous.

Arch: So collectively we came up with this idea to keep it in people’s face. Month after month after month we’ll just keep releasing something new.

Colin: That’s a good idea to keep things fresh. So who or what is kid catastrophe?

(All point to Arch)

Martin: That’s this guy over here. Right here(Points to cracked windshield) and cigarettes holes in the ceiling.

Arch: I didn’t do those. Yeah, it’s kinda just like a nickname for myself cause I suck.

All: Laugh

Dan: We all agreed (laughs)

Colin: After you guys became a band, when did you start writing songs? Did it just flow from the start or did guys mess around at first then songs started to appear?

Arch: Well, the way it’s been going its like I kind of turn into a mad scientist and I do a lot of recordings in my bedroom and shit. And then I usually bring em to. This band is kind of new. It’s 2 or 3 months old with (Chris)Sheppard.

Sheppard: Yeah, I just joined the band.

Arch: So now we are starting to write as a band like space jam until something clicks. But usually it’s just ideas I have that I try to just record and get down.

Colin: So what’s up for 2009?

Arch: I want to try and break some Guinness Book of World Records, just try to release shit every month consecutively forever. Cause we have so many songs, we have like 547 songs.

Colin: Dude, that’s crazy.

Arch: So we have enough to last us an EP for a couple years I’d say. (laughs)

Colin: Definitely, you’re set.

Arch: Shit, we could do a song a day. That might be cool…that might be a cool idea: releasing a song a day. 365 days a year. Dude,(laughs) I’m going to write that down.

Come back tomorrow for part two and you’ll never have to wait in line again.

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