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Illinois Interview Part Two

March 3, 2009 · No Comments

Colin: This is called the side note section.

Arch: Bring it.

Colin: Would you rather freeze to death in Alaska or die of dehydration in the Sahara desert? Either way–you’re going down.

JohnPaul: Dehydration
Arch: I’d say freeze.
Martin: Yeah, freeze
Sheppard: I think I’d want to freeze.
Dan: Dude, no way. Boston was bad enough.
Arch: If you freeze, you just get sleepy.
Sheppard: Yeah right. Nah, I think I’m going to have to go with the desert.

Colin: So three deserts?

Martin: I’d die in the desert too.
Arch: I’d freeze.
Dan: I would find someway to live in the desert.

Colin: But either way you’re going down…

Martin: Yeah, either way you’re fucked
Dan: Oh yeah. Well, desert. (laughs)
Arch: Cause I think with dehydration comes this rocking fucking headache. That I don’t think I could…I don’t know.
Martin: Yeah but the ultimate freeze…you know what I mean?
Arch: Yeah, your body would be like (imitates shivering) pulsating.
Martin: Just slowly shutting down.
Arch: I rather freeze then just like pass out. Cause I think somethin comes over you at some point where you’re like, “You can’t get any colder than you fucking are”. So you just fall asleep.

Colin: I was in Canada a little while ago and it was negative 30 degrees at one point.

Arch: That’s like Mars at night time.

Colin: If you could play a show with any two bands, dead or alive, who would they be?

Arch: Oh shit, that’s a great question.
Martin: That is a great question. There’s a lot of answers for this one.
Dan: We should just shoot and see who gets this one.
Martin: The Who circa nineteen-seventy…..four.
JohnPaul: Shit, it can be any band?
Arch: Yeah, alive or dead.
JohnPaul: In rock n roll history? Damn, dude.

Colin: Any band. It can be some future band, if you want.

All: (laugh)

Arch: Space Time Continuum
Sheppard: I’d say The Flaming Lips. I’d love to play with them. They’re fucking amazing live.

Colin: I saw them. It was so sick with all the visuals they had going on.

Sheppard: Oh man, it’s perfect. I might go Pink Floyd. I’d go Pink Floyd and The Dead. (laughs)
Martin: Strike that.
Sheppard: I know, we know. The Beatles and The Who. (laughs) Zeppelin, baby, for the parties.
Arch: I’d go, uhh…Neil Young. I’d like to do an acoustic set with Neil Young.
Dan: Oh so now it’s playing with Neil Young.
Arch: Well, I mean not with him but open for him. Just me and Neil.(laughs) Neil Young and I got a thing with Micky Dolenz. I’d like to sing with Micky Dolenz. I’d open for The Monkees.
Sheppard: I’d just go Beatles.
Dan: I’d do Refused. I don’t know if you guys know Refused. And um…
Arch: Scratch all that.
All: (laugh)
Arch: I refuse his answer.
Sheppard: I refuse to record this. I’m sorry Dan.
Dan: Someday I’ll play it for you guys.
Martin: Jane’s Addiction?

Colin: Alright. I think that was like five answers so we’re good.

Arch: Nancy Sinatra in her prime…
All: (Laugh)

Colin: So far what city has given you guys the biggest response?

JohnPaul: Toronto
Arch: Toronto, yeah.
Dan: But was that really our response?
Sheppard: Doesn’t matter
Arch: It was fucking roaring.
Dan: It was roaring. We came out to “O Canada”, walked out on stage to “O Canada”.

Colin: (laughs) Awesome. That was probably hilarious.

Arch: Yeah, so I guess Toronto.
Martin: We were giving them shit about the Maple Leafs the whole time.
Arch: And in Philly, what the hell? In Philly at the Electric Factory.
Sheppard: Yeah, that was pretty sick.

Colin: So what’s your favorite film? And has it influenced your music in anyway?

Arch: I got a horrible taste. I’m still watching Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Martin: Deerhunter. You just watched Deerhunter for the first time.
Arch: Yeah, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite movie of all time. See. I’d go Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and fuck yeah, it influenced my music. (laughs)


Illinois - Photo by Colin Kerrigan

Colin: Sweet. When’s the last time you played Nintendo?

Arch: Yesterday

Colin: Last thing you were for Halloween

Arch: Captain Period.
Dan: (laughs) What?
Arch: I was the dark lord of the feminine period. I was all red and I had 80 tampons. Remember that thing?
Sheppard: That’s disgusting.
Arch: Yeah, it was fucking horrible.

Colin: Last time you witnessed a catastrophe

Arch: Last night we were in New York or no two nights ago we were in New York. And we were staying at a friend’s house. Somebody from our label gave these guys a key to sleep at her house for the night. And this fucker(points to Martin) breaks the key off in the lock.
Martin: So we had to break in to the house at like 3 o’clock in the morning.

Colin: Were you guys drunk?

Sheppard: Yeah, probably.
Martin: Yeah, there was some alcohol involved. (laughs)
Arch: Duh, I’m drunk now.
Martin: I got the key out though.
Sheppard: Shear will and a pair of vice grips.

Colin: Last time you guys had a celebration

Sheppard: Right now
Martin: Every night.

Colin: When’s the last time you made a top 5?

Arch: A top 5 list of any top 5?

Colin: Yeah

Arch: Oh shit. Me and Roger do that all the time. So last week, yeah.

Colin: Alright. Top 5 bands of right now.

Sheppard: Illinois
Arch: No. Dr. Dog. Um, I don’t know. Bon Iver. What else am I into? We enjoyed the MGMT record. I’ve been listening to “Tangerine” by Led Zeppelin like a mother fucker.
Martin: The Hold Steady

Colin: Top 5 things to do off stage

All:(Look at each other and laugh)

Martin: Drink
Dan: I like to work..(Laughs)
Arch: Call Of Duty on Xbox 360.
Dan: Yeah, nice.
Sheppard: I love watching DVDs and laying in bed, doing dirty things…

Colin: Top 5 inspirations

Arch: Ramen noodles, pianos, gasoline. I guess that affects my life pretty drastically. Apple products
Sheppard: Apple products are an inspiration. Good one.
Martin: As this is being recorded on Garageband.
Arch: Old Chuck Taylors.

Colin: Top 5 favorite words

Arch: Oh dude, truffle.
Martin: Myriad
Dan: Legs Benedict
Arch: Comforter. It’s just the fucking definition of the word is so precise. A comforter comforts the shit out of you.
Sheppard: Jellyrific
Arch: Spasm is always funny.

Colin: Jellyrific? I’ve never heard that one before. Top 5 musicians of all time.

Sheppard: Paul McCartney, baby. I’m saying it.
JohnPaul: John Paul Jones
Sheppard: John Coltrane
Arch: Mark Mothersbaugh
Sheppard: Mark Mothersbaugh is the man.

Colin: That’s all I got for you guys.

Arch: Dude, that was a great interview. There’s no more of that?

Colin: You guys liked that?

All: Yeah!
Arch: Yeah, give us some more.

Colin: Alright.

Arch: Actually, we got to go to soundcheck.

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