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Minus The Bear Interview

March 8, 2009 · No Comments

The Calcutta had an opportunity to talk with Cory Murchy (Minus the Bear/bass) upon his return from a tour in Australia. Here’s what he had to say:

Minus The Bear - Photo: Jake Snider

Minus The Bear - Photo: April Brimer

You guys just finished a tour of Australia. How was that?

Australia is great. It’s like Florida and California and Canada had a big mash up and threw in all sorts of fantasy animals like kangaroos and platypus and rugby players. What’s not to be excited about?

Why did you guys decide to release an acoustic EP?

Seemed like a fun idea. We had fun doing it. Hopefully you have fun listening to it. Go and buy it and try to not have fun. Go on, do it out of spite if nothing else.

Where is your favorite place to play music?

Whorehouses. The acoustics in a place like that are superb. Great catering too!

When did you first get recognition from record labels? What did that feel like?

Suicide Squeeze deciding to go from putting out a 7′ to a CD/EP was a huge amount of recognition for a band that hadn’t even played their first show. David Dickenson runs an honest business in a sea full of bummers…it feels good to have come this far on our own terms by building our fan base with a strong work ethic.

If you could travel to one place and play a show, where would it be and why? What band would you like to play that show with?

Bottom of the ocean.  Heavy shit man.  No other band needed.  Well, maybe T-Pain…yeah get that guy on the bill. T-Pain and MTB at the bottom of the ocean, one night only! if you don’t want to go to that show, you don’t have a pulse…

Are you planning to be in the studio anytime soon? If so, when?

Yep, looking at April/May…

What is the best part of touring?

Being on stage

What is the worst part of touring?

Waiting to get on stage

Side Note

Outside of music, what do you like to do?

Wander around  on my “two-wheeler” and paint on walls.

When did you learn how to ride a two-wheeler?

A very long time ago

What is your favorite music film?


Who is the sexiest Hollywood actress out there?

What year are you living in?  Who uses the term “actress” anymore? At any rate, George Clooney.

Top 5 drinks

Water,  horchata, green tea, mate’, carrot juice

Top 5 sweet (as in rad) moments

Waking up, going to sleep, eating, having sex , and creating.

Last thing you ordered for take-out

Some sort of spicy noodle curry bowl

Last piece of clothing you bought

Fuck buying new clothes, i’m just making my own these days…

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