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Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin Interview Part One

April 21, 2009 · No Comments

Will Knauer, of Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin, dropped by The Calcutta a few weeks back to chat. He gave us some very interesting feedback to the questions he was asked. If you’ve never heard their music before, make sure you check them out. 3229243728_2314550617_o

We have to ask…why Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia?

We like anything that’s the first of it’s kind with a memorable name.

Was it a 66% honor to play at his funeral? What about the other 44%?

It was only 66% because he was dead. I think we’d rather play at live peoples funerals.

Can you describe what it was like to get signed to the American independent label Polyvinyl Record Co? Your reaction? Your thoughts? How has that helped you with promotion of your music, booking tours, playing shows, etc.?

I remember when we signed I had a hard time taking it seriously. Not Polyvinyl I mean, just the fact that I was signing a contract was really amusing to me. I guess it wasn’t something I ever thought about much. Then it just kind of happened and I began feeling weird. I kept thinking that there are probably thousands of people more qualified than me to be in that position and I felt guilty that I was doing something that some people try so hard to do and never get the chance. It was never really on my agenda.

Polyvinyl are truly great and genuine people. Larger labels can sign ten bands at a time because they know it’s better odds for one of them to be popular, but when the nine other bands don’t do well they just cut them. When Polyvinyl signs a band, it’s a commitment from the start and they want to be your friend and get to know you.

Where did you guys record your first full-length album Broom before you were picked up by Polyvinyl?  From our understanding, it was produced in 2005, and later remastered in 2006 with Poly. How long did the album take to record initially? What was your reaction to having it remastered? Did you have to re-record at all?

We recorded it in my mom’s house in Springfield(Missouri) with some really cheap equipment. It took six or so months to complete. I never really thought much about it when we were recording honestly, It was just a fun little thing we did every now and then. Weeks would go by and we would do nothing on it, but when we were really in the mood entire songs would just come to be. I think that’s the reason it came out sounding so genuine. We were under no schedule, budget, or expectations. Most bands have to schedule recording time in a studio and you’re expected to perform then and there. We had the ability to wait until we were really in the mood of a song and then would record it. It came naturally and when we were feeling it, and we were able to capture different moments when they were happening. It wasn’t forced.

Your sophomore album Pershing was released in April of 2008. Can you talk about where the album name came from and also, if there is a story behind the album,  could you elaborate on that please?

I don’t think I know the answer to this.

When did you start painting? Does your music or music in general influence your work?  What role would you say outer space plays in your paintings?

Uhhhh…..ummmm…..I have this problem with daydreaming, or so I’m told. I guess I’m the worst person to eat lunch with because I don’t interact with the other person, I just stare out the window and go into my own world. Then the other person tells me I’m laughing and I get embarrassed because I didn’t know. I guess I started in December 07 but didn’t really get it figured out until a few months later. I’m kinda surprised why people are interested in my stuff, it doesn’t seem that good to me. It kinda makes me feel like a nerd to make sci-fi stuff, but I really only do it pass the time. It’s the process that I love so much. To just lose myself in another world and stay there the whole day. When it’s finished I just look at it for a minute and then get bored with it. I think Phil(Dickey) is a much better artist than I am, I guess he just doesn’t like Star Trek as much as I do.

What are your current plans for SSLYBY?

Take over the world.

Part two of the interview will be up tomorrow. If you don’t come back tomorrow, you’ll put yourself at risk of getting attacked by a murder of crows.

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