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Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin Interview Part Two

April 22, 2009 · No Comments

Side Note Section
Ummm side note… well, honestly, I haven’t done a wax-painting in a while. I had this super intense dream a few nights ago where I became aware I was dreaming, and in my dream I woke up and my friend, Beth, was in bed and I knew she couldn’t be because she had left for work and I began screaming, “It’s the bizzaro world!!” and I kept screaming and then I explored the weird house I had “woken up” in and it had the strangest mood. I saw many interesting items and then I started seeing all these sketches on paper. Suddenly, it all started to make sense…drawing, I mean. It was figuring out a mathematical formula! Especially shadows. When I woke up I just started drawing. Beth had just introduced me to pencils and a drawing pad, and I discovered I’m totally better at drawing than painting or waxing! I drew the images from my dream and have been drawing since then. I drew all day yesterday and into the night. I didn’t go to bed till 7 am. Now I just want to draw all day.

Who is the Oregon girl?

She is friends with the Forward Motion Girl.

Who is Anna Lee?

Pony and Moody’s scantily clad friend.

What’ll we do?

See above.

What is your most memorable moment playing music?

Barktober Fest. A free show we played on a rainy day to raise money for cats and dogs. I looked up during the second song to see if I knew any of the seven people sitting on hay bails but what caught my attention was a dog pulling a chariot with a kid riding on it.  I really thought I was about to get electrocuted and was glad that was the last thing I might ever see.

Can you do a kickflip on a skateboard?

H no

Four Top 5’s

5 lions that make up Voltron, 5 stars on star road, 5 ways for me to make a mess while making spaghetti, 5 members of my family, 5 chances to catch Rachel Ray at 10 am in a week

Top 5 hobbies

Drawing, riding a bike, writing a story, reading, playing guitar

Top 5 albums

(mostly my friends)
Ham Bullet – Time to Hamlet
Jury Fury – Timed Trials
Flux – The J Factor
Jill Stevens – Basket
Steven Tree – The Clark Fork

Top 5 guitarists

The guy from Dream Theatre, the guy I saw play guitar for Bret Michaels at a casino in Oklahoma, Peter Buck, my sister, Johnny Marr

Top 5 favorite songs to play live

Oregon Girl, Glue Girls, Modern Mystery, Half Awake, Ana Lee

The Last…

Last time you threw up

Honestly, i can’t even remember. I almost never drink and haven’t been sick enough to do that in a while.

Last time you felt pain

All my life baby.

Last time you felt guilty

I almost did last night but I avoided it. This morning too.

Last time you were happy

In that awesome dream.

Last time you lied

I would never.

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