The Calcutta

About The Calcutta

Two friends had an idea to start a blog revolving around music.  They want to pick the mind of the artist; to find out what they are like both on and off stage.  The end result: The Calcutta.  For them, music is life.  They want to hear from and talk with bands that are fresh, exciting, and creating a buzz in the ear of the musical world.

Think of their blog as a virtual magazine with video, pictures, and writing.  The Calcutta will focus on both up-and-coming and established musical artists on a more personal level.   They don’t want their interviews to be dry like so many out there today.  Mainly, they strive to make the interview fun and entertaining for both the artist and audience.


All images and interviews, unless otherwise noted, are protected under copyright by Michael Murray and/or Colin Kerrigan.