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Hi! Ive got my first Ampeg - VT-40 and its perfect! Could you tell me from serial number what is the production date of this amp? Serial number. I for sure want this amp over the deville. Im assuming these old 70s ampeg vt-40s are reliable ? I was goanna use it as my new gigging amp and keep my fave Traynor YGL2 at home. By Ampeg. 4 used from 525. none Dec 15, 2016. 1973 Ampeg VT-40 Vacuum Tube 4-10 Guitar Combo Amp for sale. Very Good Condition. I wont ship. I must be picked up in the Reno area. Ampeg GVT Tube Guitar Amps deliver great-sounding, flexible tone that guitarists demand. Experience the high quality, legendary tone of the Ampeg GVT.

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Josh Homme's Ampeg VT-40 Amplifier | Equipboard

VT-40 Amp schematic (1971) (Ampeg). VT-40 Power amp schematic (1971) (Joe Piazza). Also worth checking out is the Blue Muse Unofficial Ampeg Page. Feb 9, 2010. Ampeg VT-40 Tube Head - 175 (Encino). Date 2010-02-08, 1109PM PST. Ampeg VT-40 two-channel 60-watt all tube guitar amp head. A VT40 for 350? If its in good shape, thats a steal. Ampegs answer to the Super Reverb. I love Ampegs, had a V-4 for a while and it sounded great - but LOUD! I always wanted a VT-40, it seemed like a nice package. Vintage 1977 Ampeg VT-40 60W 4x10 Tube Combo Amp. Image 1. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4. -Manufacture Date late 1977 -Power Output 60 Watts RMS

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