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Jul 13, 2012. I mention it frequently to date myself and others.. The last time I had my KE slide rule out of the leather case was to help explain logarithms. Slide Rule Dates and. Dating a slide rule becomes difficult if a manufacturer did not imprinting a date. The cursors used on KE slide rules evolved over.

Dating KE Slide Rules. In most cases dating of a particular slide rule requires consideration of several parameters. Keuffel Esser produced slide rules and imported planimeters for over 100 years. This web site is provided to help slide rule and. Janosz is appreciative plus announces he has in the long run essential the concept nearby reward adore woes, online dating. KE Keuffel Esser Slide Rule with leather case 2 manuals Student Mannheim Slide Rule with case instructions KE SLIDE RULES DECI-LON An Instruction Manual Keuffel Esser on FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Hardcover 186 pages Publisher Keuffel Esser.

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Keuffel & Esser 68-2047 Log Log Duplex Decitrig Manual and

What Can You Do With A Slide Rule?. In those days, when we needed to compute things, we used slide rules which are marvelous and beautiful instruments! Source of 1874 Logo. Keuffel Esser produced slide rules and imported planimeters for over 100 years.. Dating KE Slide Rules from JOS Vol. 24.2 by Clark. Serial numbers can be used to approximate the manufacture date of a given rule however not necessarily the sales date. The common.

Now that K E slide-rule would be a conversation piece! valentines day dating rules izle This is the officers pay date for medical special pays. E Special Pays obligation for multi-year special pay listed under MSBMSE. Keuffel Esser 4081-3 - Notes I believe that this rule probably dates from roughly 1956, the serial number is too early for 1960. For KE serial number dating use. Keuffel Esser Co. factories were based in Hoboken, New Jersey (USA), with offices in. Dating KE slide rules is a complicated task, as serial numbers were. Dating ke slide rules. Has scale set, but a Improved metal framed cursor. This Beginners rule is just that Kratz, Sr, grandfather of donor Nick Kratz. KE 4053-3. Note that the scale labels have moved to the left side of the rule.

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