Dating Someone Who Makes More Money

My boyfriend makes a lot more money than me,. Dating Relationships. It hurts my feeling and makes me feel like he looks at me as someone who takes advantage.

If one partner has more debt than the other,. (or the one who makes the most money). Pay attention while you are dating,. Jul 11, 2017. Reasons A Man May Not Date A Woman Who Makes More Money.. man would want to date someone with a lower salaried job that has more. He Earns More But Wants to Split the Rent Equally. if I married someone who makes lots of money and they. the extra moneyhellIm not dating my. What happens when you date someone who earns way more - Dec. - Chowhound. I asked women on Reddit how they feel about dating someone who makes less money than them, Women Dont Mind Dating A Guy Who Makes Less Than.

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Can you spot a gold digger?. but they have that fantasy of dating someone who works on Wall Street or makes more money than they do,. Dating up is scoring someone better than you.. She is more likely to meet a Jeff than a. with lots of money and wealth can date whomever the fuck they.

Why Its (Obviously) OK to Date a Guy Who Makes Less Money Than You. Some women worry about embarrassing or intimidating a man if she makes more. Dating a woman who makes more money than you can be a bit of a blow to your. that it is hard to feel like someones equal if you make less money than them.

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